While all of our solutions are tailor made, like a bespoke suit of clothes, a fundamental golden thread throughout is using transactional analysis to develop resilience and emotional intelligence.

Talent AssessmentTalent Development
Assessment & development centres Cultural transformation programmes
360 degree feedback Exec, leadership & management development
TeamQ high-performing team assessment BlendIT integrated learning paltform
Employee engagement surveys 1:1 coaching and creating coaching cultures
  Team development and coaching
  Diversity and inclusion 
Diversity and inclusion   

Our people have the unique combination of being:

  • Operationally experienced – with business understanding, experience and credibility at a leadership level
  • Psychology qualified - Occupational Psychologists, Behavioural Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors and qualified Coaches
  • Experienced OD and systemic practitioners

Remember: all of our solutions are wrapped up with our promise to contribute significantly more than you invest.


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