Are competencies dead?

Dr Amanda Potter heads up our talent assessment team of occupational psychologists. In association with her company, Zircon, she reveals the results of her extensive research into the future of talent management in the UK, with some surprising findings…

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Surgery Coaching

If you’re looking to make external coaches available to a wide population but up till now you’ve been put off by the cost, take a look at our explainer video.  Surgery coaching is where we place our coach in one room for the day, and your coachees come in on the hour.  Even bigger savings can be made using the ‘phone rather than face to face with no loss of quality and corresponding environmental savings.

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Revolutionary 360 degree feedback process

Brief 60-sec commercial to showcase our unique end-to-end 360 methodology which results in meaningful and lasting behavioural and cultural change.  Check out our award-winning click-360 tool, the only one with a simultaneous rating feature.  For more information check out our sister site:

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TLC and UKFG after the Sri Lankan Tsunami of 2004

Ever since the terrible Boxing Day tsunami of 2004, TLC have been helping the United Kingdom Friends of Galle to support the rural communities inland of Galle in Sri Lanka. TLC have chosen this cause as part of its commitment to corporate responsibility. Having donated buildings, equipment and clothes to a number of schools in the area, TLC continues to live our values by giving to this cause.

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South and Vale Mastering Management Testimonial for TLC

Matt Prosser, former Strategic Director at South Oxfordshire DC, talks about the amazing work that has taken place as these two councils have come together to deliver shared services. Savings of over a quarter of a million pounds of public money per year are one reason why the project won a Gold Training Journal Award for Best Change Management Programme 2014.

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E ON HR Leadership Team Testimonial for TLC

Stephen King, former Head of Global Learning for E.ON, talks about the partnership with TLC to carry out strategic team development and the transformational results that have been achieved.

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E ON Coaching as a Managed Service Testimonial for TLC

Stephen King, former Head of Global Learning for E.ON, inherited a situation where there were too many independent coaching suppliers, too little accountability, a lack of clarity about objectives and zero measurement. With help from TLC, he has brought this under total control with TLC appointed not only as the single coaching provider, but managing all the admin and ROI evaluation.  The project scooped Silver for Best Coaching Programme at the Training Journal Awards 2015.

Check out more video testimonials on the Videos page.

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TLC Equine Assisted Learning

This video features a leadership team working with 'Shortie' - a larger horse than his name would suggest! Watch how the horse, just being a horse, starts to raise the levels of self-awareness of the team members. They get a real sense of the impact of their behaviour on others, as the horse is simply a metaphor for their teams.

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