Axel - Germany

Axel has extensive experience as a coach and consultant, with a particular focus on leadership development, restructuring after a merger and transition management.

He has worked in HR consultancy with many European companies, spanning financial, insurance, automotive and retailer sectors, giving him keen insight into the processes and challenges within the workplace. He displays incisive business acumen combined with deep understanding of human and corporate psychology.

An expert in merger-restructuring, management planning and management dialogue, Axel is highly skilled in the implementation of strategic vision and process, facilitating constructive communication at an individual, team and organisational level. He quickly establishes and maintains rapport with his clients, enabling him to quickly get to grips with the issues and challenges at hand. Axel style of facilitating programs and workshops offer practical development plans and highly constructive solution-finding and he often works with high performance teams to optimise ways of working and communication strategy.

Operational Experience:

  • Manager HR Development Autoliv B. V. and Co. KG, Elmshorn
  • Consultant HR Development HSH Nordbank, Hamburg and Kiel
  • Consultant Hamburg-Mannheimer Versicherungs AG, Hamburg
  • Trainee, Deutsche Shell AG, Hamburg


  • Coaching certificate from the Deutsche Psychologenakademie, Berlin
  • Conflict Management, Brückenschlag Hamburg
  • Certificate Transactional Analysis, Osterberg-Institut Plön
  • Dynamics of groups, TOPs Berlin
  • MBA at the Universität Kiel und UC San Diego
  • Masters of Psychology at RWTH Aachen.


  • 1:1 executive coaching
  • Team and group dynamics coaching 
  • Designing and facilitating workshops for high performance teams
  • Performance assessment and co-creating personalised individual and team development plans
  • Designing and facilitating leadership management programmes
  • Expert in merger-restructuring and transition management
  • Process trainer and consultant for management planning and dialogue
  • Communications strategy development and implementation
  • Negotiation tactics and methodology.


Autoliv B.V. and Co. KG, Deutsche Shell AG HSH Nordbank Hamburg, Hamburg-Mannheimer Versicherungs AG.

Languages Spoken:

  • German - native speaker
  • English - fluent.

The Learning Curve (TLC) Ltd

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+44 (0)845 313 3357