Ornella - Italy

With extensive experience of European HR management, Ornella is a highly skilled coach specialising in personal and talent development, working within organisational contexts to optimise potential and enhance working relationships.

For more than 15 years Ornella worked as an HR Director and internal coach within biotechnology companies, and is used to managing extremely large teams and implementing organisational strategy and methodology.

Her coaching style is client-centric, and she is deeply empathetic and intuitive, working with her clients to broaden their appreciation and understanding of their personal motivators and goals, and co-creating development plans to help them achieve their ambitions. She specialises in talent management, accelerating culture change, transition management, recruitment, skills assessment and performance review and development.


Operational Experience:

HR Director for European biotechnology companies:

  • Streamlining development practice and Learning and Development process
  • Implementation and training in: 360, Insight Discovery, Lominger, 70-20-10 concept
  • Customising worldwide learning and development programs
  • People management
  • Large scale staffing solutions (700 people hired across Europe within deadline and beneath budget)
  • Referral program implementation.


  • Executive Coaching Certificate, ICN Business School, Nancy
  • Accreditation to teach HR at the University CNAM
  • Accreditation TendanceDisc
  • Negotiation Skills, Scotwork Strasbourg
  • DESS CAAE (Certificat d’Aptitude à l’Administration des Entreprises), Postgraduate management degree, Strasbourg University
  • D.U.T Information careers, two year diploma from the University Institute of Technology, Strasbourg.


  • 1:1 and team executive coaching and leadership development at all organisational levels 
  • Skills assessment and talent management, working with teams and high potentials
  • Facilitating and interpreting 360 degree feedback and co-creating productive development plans
  • Accelerating change management to deliver seamless performance through transition
  • Recruitment, succession planning and organisational HR and personnel assessment and consultancy
  • Implementing new ways of working, especially e-learning and webinar formats
  • Communication skills development for individual, team and organisational impact and influence
  • Project management, leadership and organisational development
  • Psychometric evaluation and performance optimisation specialist, including social audit and organisational HR assessment.


ABC Atelier de Bandes et Courroies, Alfred Peter Offices (Architects), Atys Conseil, CARSAT, CNAM, EVS, FLUORO, La Paysagerie, Nimatec, RYTEC Biogas, Schiller SAS, SPIE – SOCOMEC, Vulca Concepts.

Languages Spoken:

  • Italian - native speaker
  • English - fluent
  • French - fluent.

The Learning Curve (TLC) Ltd

PO Box 658

+44 (0)845 313 3357