How to get a four-figure* ROI on your leadership development
without spending a fortune

* Data drawn from the measurement of our 'One Coaching Provider' project with E.ON UK PLC

What we do:

  • Cultural transformation programmes
  • Leadership development programmes
  • 1:1 and team coaching
  • 360 degree feedback implementations
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Find out what makes leadership development interventions a success, both culturally as well as commercially, and what gets in the way

Perfect for commercially-aware Chief Learning Officers

TLC offer you complete end-to-end solutions for leadership development and coaching that result in sustainable behavioural change.  Our approach uses high impact learning interventions.  Furthermore, we promise a measurable cultural as well as commercial return on your investment.

Our process. Your results.

We’ve developed a system that demonstrates significant commercial and cultural returns on your investment. The range lies between 1.5 and 64 times £ROI, but we feel confident to offer you a promise that we will contribute significantly more than you invest. You may find this a disruptive approach to market, but at the same time you’ll be thinking that we must be contributing more than we cost otherwise we wouldn’t have been in business for over twenty years! Neither would we have client video testimonials like these.

Your security. Our credibility.

We are a well-established company with over 20 years of experience. We offer you a refreshing way of working, a new position in the marketplace. A brand that stands for measured results. And our credibility? Our work is carried out by business psychologists, facilitators and coaches – we follow the same consistent approach that we’ve always used except that now our ROI is measureable.

A separate division of TLC offers a range of online feedback tools that are often integrated within our high impact learning interventions, or can be purchased on their own. Our flagship product is click-360S which is the most technologically advanced 360 platform on the planet.  Check it out at

Our obsession. Your guarantee.

For over twenty years we worked hard to establish a methodology that could link our passion for evaluation and measurement with indisputable business results. Once we had proven our model (see video testimonials), it was time to strategically reposition ourselves. The clients that have enjoyed these incredible results have followed our process. Hence the promise: to contribute significantly more than you invest.

Your house. Our architecture.

One of the challenges for our industry is that there are clients who buy leadership development using a buyer/supplier (vendor/purchaser) relationship, when really the best way to engage us is in a player/coach relationship. You wouldn’t dream of telling your architect to build the first floor before the foundations and the ground floor…so let us do a proper fact find, share the results of our diagnostics and present back to you our recommendations in the form of a strategic learning plan.

Your openness. Our integrity.

We ask that you are open to sharing all relevant details in a spirit of trust and confidentiality. Otherwise it’s like a doctor trying to make a diagnosis without a proper examination (a buyer/supplier...vendor/purchaser relationship). You can trust us to fully investigate your organisational system, your culture and your challenges and make an informed diagnosis. It is not possible to get the kind of returns on your investment that we know we can deliver unless we engage in a player/coach relationship…a true partnership. Please note that we only respond to tender specifications where we have established some kind of a relationship beforehand – what we do is carry out a thorough Fact Find before writing a proposal.

Your leaders. At all levels.

Leadership today starts with individual contributors. Leading ourselves through a heightened state of self-awareness is key, plus an understanding of the impact of our behaviour on others. After all, how we see ourselves is all very well…how others see us is what will determine the results we get at work. We believe that followers should have leaders that are worthy of them.  Add to this the fact that we are all having to lead at the 'edge of chaos', this calls for some additional qualities such as cognitive capability, resilience and emotional maturity.

Our business engagement model.

Face-to-face meeting

Take a look at all the different leadership development solutions we offer – all within a framework of promised ROI. If any of these have resonance, we are the right partner for you.

We would need to meet together at least once to establish whether we are the right people to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be. You also need to be reassured that:

  • we can do the work you’re after
  • we will do the work you’re after
  • we will fit in, culturally.

As soon as you and we have established a fit, we ask for a Fact Find.

Only when we are both confident that we can make a meaningful and lasting contribution to your future strategy do we set up dates for the Fact Find.

Free of charge

Fact Find

We conduct a deep dive inside your business, talking to the senior management team, intended programme participants and those affected by them, as well as connecting with other key stakeholders. We follow a structured approach that also includes reviewing how your systems and processes shape or limit what you’re trying to achieve, e.g. your performance and talent management system.

At the end of the Fact Find we’ll give you a heads up of what we’ve found – you will be able to see that we’ve really understood you. We will return to present to your senior management team with our detailed findings and recommended solutions. Our expectation is that you will see the value of the Fact Find and that you will want to engage in a partnership with us.



We go away and put together a comprehensive implementation plan, plus a commercial and cultural return on investment promise as long as you follow our process. We are now partners in your future growth. We draw up a robust service level agreement (SLA) that clearly sets out our joint responsibilities for making the implementation a success. The implementation carries one overall fee.  Whatever your programme of work, our ROI promise is matched to commercial and cultural targets that have been agreed between us. 


Your challenges. Our solutions.

Our experience since 1991 tells us that most organisations struggle with asking the right questions when it comes to diagnosing what’s getting in the way of their success. This is often evident in the quality of their ITTs and RFQs. Chief learning officers tend to focus on securing a budget and trying to increase it in the following year. Chief financial officers are naturally interested in managing costs. Despite the rhetoric, the best chief execs do not just focus on improving the profit and raising the multiples – the valuation – they’re also focused on the culture, as illustrated by a 22% outperformance compared to the FTSE 1001

1 Data drawn from the Sunday Times "100 Best Places to Work"

Our innovative approach.
Your go-to coach for guaranteed results.

Typically what happens in our industry is that sales letters addressed to the CEO get redirected to the chief learning officer. Why? Because suppliers do not focus enough on what is important to the CEO. They don’t address the valuation question…how to increase the Multiples above benchmark as well as the Profit. Which is why our promise of up to a four times uplift for a fraction of that figure, plus the cultural benefits that ensue from our implementations, sets a new standard. You can go to a lot of companies to get the wheels turning, keeping them turning requires a whole paradigm shift. Follow our process to get a measurable cultural and commercial return on your leadership development investment.

The bigger questions. Our research.

For the last three years, a dedicated team of our people have been conducting research into the really big questions affecting talent assessment and development. You can download copies of this ever-growing list of resources here. Our solutions are designed to give you answers to the big questions.

Your business. Your metrics.

Our business model breaks new ground by engaging all participants and coachees in the measurement process – very often their line managers too. We contract with your people up front to co-create how they are going to know if applying what they learn makes a positive impact on how they are measured. We are currently working on a ‘Trip Advisor/Amazon’ review facility where you will be able to read their feedback reviews.

Your markets. Our reach.

TLC (The Learning Curve) is so named because we facilitate (make easy) your people's learning.  We are not trainers.  Trainers are great if you want people to learn something.  But if you are looking for sustainable behavioural change WITH a measurable cultural and commercial ROI, we have business psychologists, facilitators and coaches in the territories where you conduct business. While based in the UK with over 50 staff, we have nearly 100 people across continental Europe. We are actively seeking to spread to the BRIC countries in the next phase of our growth.

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