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Where Shift Happens

We are specialists in sustainable Behavioural Change

TJ Awards 2014 SILVER

with measurable cultural and commercial returns on your investment...we work with mid-tier to large organisations and
we do it through consultancy, facilitation, coaching and a range of online feedback tools...our fees are outcome, not time, based.

FREE ROLI™ Learning Booklet FREE ROLI™ Learning Booklet

FREE ROLI™ Learning Booklet

Why is it that less than 1 in 6 organisations routinely measure the impact of their L&D investment? Is it really that difficult? Download our FREE paper to learn how..

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FREE research paper FREE research paper

FREE research paper

"Fewer than one in seven organisations (15.3%) has calculated their return on coaching investment" says the research. Read our recommendations for managing and tracking coaching programmes…

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The Learning Curve The Learning Curve

The Learning Curve

If you're looking for specialists in talent assessment and/or talent development, you're on the right site...

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Talent Assessment Talent Assessment

Talent Assessment

Starting with a clear definition of what 'talent' means to your organisation, you need robust processes to identify your future high potentials and leaders...

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Talent Development Talent Development

Talent Development

Now you know where your talent sits, you need to consider what development methods are right for your organisation...

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Feedback Tools
Feedback Tools

As the market for these becomes more and more commoditised, you're wondering "what can these guys gives us that we can't get from survey monkey?".  Click here to find out!

Talent Assessment
Talent Assessment

You are keen to use a robust process to identify future talent and high potentials and yet not leave out the rest of your staff.  Development plans for all.

Talent Development
Talent Development

As well as future talent, you’re looking at leadership development, management development and team development, delivered through workshops and coaching.

Research & Evaluation
Research & Evaluation

You want to understand the impact of your learning and development interventions on organisational performance, including your ROI.

Overview - what we can do for you

TLC are specialists in organisational talent development. We help to align individuals, teams, organisations and the culture behind your business strategy.

You’re an organisation looking for one of the more of the following:

  • Greater staff alignment with your vision and culture
  • Higher performance from some teams
  • More collaboration between teams
  • Enhanced leadership capability
  • A more flexible attitude to change and uncertainty
  • Increased accountability at all levels
  • The ability to have the challenging conversations
  • Staff to ‘own’ a problem and solve it for the customer
  • Less internal conflict and better working relationships
  • A more consultative approach to selling
  • More innovation? Energy? Focus?

Where shift happened

Where Shift Happened

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