Looking to develop outstanding leaders, high performing teams and transform your culture?

  • Bespoke leadership development
  • 1:1 and team coaching
  • Cultural transformation
  • 360-degree feedback implementations
  • Learning methodology that makes learning stick

What challenges do we solve?

Attracting, identifying and retaining key talent

Developing leadership capability from ‘high potentials’ through to the board

Building high performance cultures through collaboration, trust, diversity and inclusion

Improving employee engagement especially during a change agenda

Creating and leveraging truly impactful teams

How can TLC help?

TLC are experts in leadership development grounded in robust psychology

We transform cultures by equipping leaders to be outstanding, enabling them to create a climate for success and drive organisational performance

We do this through bespoke Leadership Development, Cultural Transformation, 1:1, Team and Group Coaching, as well as 360-degree feedback implementations, working with mid-tier and large organisations

Why talk to us?

We have a proven track record of delivering both commercial and cultural ROI

We have won numerous awards for our coaching and leadership development programmes

Our unique combination of organisational development expertise and our ability to take a systemic approach

We are based in the UK with an extensive international delivery capability

What do we believe?

We believe that leadership is a craft that takes time to develop. We take people on a journey of discovery; it’s about understanding themselves and their impact on others, as well as the organisation, and how they can become outstanding leaders.

We call it Conscious Leadership.

We believe there are Six Elements to becoming an outstanding conscious leader:

Emotional Intelligence
Trust Building
Leadership Conversations
The Pause
Purposeful Energy

Why is TLC different?

Credibility, quality and capability of the facilitator is paramount

Every member of our team has a background in human psychology, systemic thinking and organisational behaviour. This means that:

  • Their credibility is immediately apparent, facilitating senior level engagement from the outset
  • There is no challenge that will come up that they cannot handle. In fact, the level of conversation that takes place will often be quite profound in nature
  • Our facilitators focus on the individual participant journey and building powerful organisational insight providing massive ‘value add’ to the clients we work with

Relevant, contextualised, experiential content

Our content is based on a combination of 25 years of experience developing senior leaders and ongoing research into human and organisational behaviour. Our programmes are relevant, contextualised and experiential in nature. Emotional intelligence is the golden thread running through everything we do.

We balance the latest thinking from fields such as neuroscience and emotional intelligence with ‘known and tested’ models.

Learning that sticks

Our programmes are all underpinned by our proven learning methodology, which takes leaders on a journey that results in fundamental behavioural and organisational change. Our passion and conviction is contagious and a great catalyst for supporting change.

Backed up with our tried and tested methodology for embedding and sustaining change we create the environment in which the learning sticks.


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