Our bespoke leadership development and cultural transformation programmes, underpinned by 1:1 and team coaching and 360 feedback, create Conscious Leaders that take conscious decisions and drive conscious change.

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Your challenges

Embedding and sustaining a high performance culture

Addressing poor leadership

Developing high potentials, senior management & board members

Improving employee engagement

Managing change and/or transformation

Leading in a digital age

Managing a multi-generational workforce

What we do

With decades of experience in both public and private sectors, we know what it takes to develop outstanding leaders, human behaviour and organisational performance. The levers we can pull. The awareness we need to create. The behaviours leaders need to demonstrate and foster.

In short, we’re experts at shifting mindsets and behaviours, bringing about sustainable change, and developing enhanced leadership and people capabilities.

We do this by taking your leaders on a journey of discovery; helping them understand themselves and their impact on others and the organisation, and equipping them with skills and techniques to be truly outstanding and impact business performance. Our award winning team of coaches and facilitators will leverage every aspect of our Conscious Leadership framework to help you rise to your leadership challenges – however big or small.

Why TLC?

Proprietary methodologies that deliver strong ROI
Experiential content that engages and inspires
Ability to engage & impact all levels of the organisation
Proven benefits & significant commercial & emotional ROI
Award winning work & strong client endorsement

If you are looking for 1:1 coaching and mediation, this is our coaching website: www.tlc-coaching.co.uk

Our belief

Employees want a culture in which they are valued, able to grow and develop, experience genuine relationships at work, and actively empowered to thrive. Leaders want leadership development investments to improve individual and team performance to deliver strong commercial and emotional ROI.

We help leaders succeed at meeting both these imperatives by developing six key leadership characteristics: Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Conversations, Purposeful Energy, Trust Building, ‘The Pause’, and Compassion.

To do so, we’ve developed IP, finely honed methodologies, and unique tools and techniques to create a powerful framework to change behaviours and deliver lasting performance improvements.

We call it Conscious Leadership.

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“We wanted a behavioural shift. And we got one! TLC has changed behaviours and impacted senior management - they’ve seen the power of it and they want more.”

Our difference


Every one of us is trained and experienced in human psychology, systemic thinking and organisational behaviour.

Our content is based on a combination of 25 years’ experience and ongoing research into latest neuroscience and human and organisational behavioural science.

Above and beyond the Conscious Leadership characteristics, we are experts in resilience, diversity, wellbeing, mindfulness, and other specialities proven to improve performance.

Last but not least, thanks to our robust approach, our impact is meaningful and long lasting.


Our passion is contagious.

Our systemic approach to everything we do not only differentiates us from other leadership development companies, but helps the organisations we work with become highly resilient.

We’re used to engaging with leaders at every level. We’ve the confidence and emotional intelligence to have profound – and sometimes tough – conversations while truly staying in relationship.

Emotional intelligence is the golden thread that runs through everything we do.


We make learning stick. Our tried and tested methods strengthen neural pathways, thereby increasing recall.

By tapping into emotions and making deliberate links between the known and the new, leaders make connections. By creating opportunities to practice and perfect, they actively engage.

Our approach, combined with highly experiential content, delivers systemic, long-term performance improvements.

We deliver strong cultural and commercial benefits. But don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients have to say.

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