Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

TLC is a responsible business and as such we take our Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. We:

  • Have high ethical standards when conducting business
  • Act in an environmentally conscientious and responsible manner
  • Respect the privacy and dignity of our employees, suppliers, customers, and contractors
  • Promote a work environment of equal opportunity and never engage in unlawful discrimination
  • Commit to employing a diverse work force
  • Maintain a safe and healthy work environment
  • Spend time, monies and resources to give back to the community and embrace philanthropy.

The nature of our work means that we do not have a high environmental impact but we take into consideration environmental issues in our day to day business and work hard to keep our environmental impact to an absolute minimum.

TLC’s vision is to make a difference to organisational performance by developing leaders to be outstanding through the principles of Conscious Leadership. Conscious Leadership is about how our actions and behaviours impact not only ourselves, but the people we work with and ultimately how well the organisation performs.

Our CSR agenda is closely linked to this, with the goal of developing people to make conscious, informed choices, unlocking their potential and helping them to transform themselves and the organisations they work in.

TLC supports a charity called United Kingdom Friends of Galle (UKFG), set up in response to the devastation caused by the Tsunami of 2004. We sponsor a school in Galle, Sri Lanka and through our donations the school now provides a high standard of education, varied recreational activities and proper sanitation, clean drinking water as well as clothing and scholarships for the poorest children. Our sponsorship of the school has had a wider impact on the community by providing jobs for local people. By educating the school children we are making a contribution towards reducing poverty.

Many of our people support local charities outside of work or undertake fundraising activities. They give their time to work with others – whether that’s 1:1 or in larger group environments.

Back in the office we recycle, use recyclable products, conserve the energy we use, strive for a paperless environment and we aim to work with suppliers and partners who have aligned values and offer sustainably sourced products and services.

Responsibility for adhering to our corporate, social and environmental sustainability principles lies with every employee at TLC. The CSR Policy Statement is monitored and reviewed at least annually by the MD to ensure that it meets new business requirements as well as areas for improvement and that TLC continues to comply with any relevant legislation. We will also ensure that all changes are brought to the attention of employees as necessary.

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