Our approach

We use a systemic, creative learning approach that builds on leaders’ strengths, as well as areas for development. We blend face to face methods with online learning to create experiential, contextualised learning experiences that are based on latest thinking and research in neuroscience. Our tried and tested techniques align learning to individual preferences, embed learning over the longer term, and mean that all learnings are transferrable back to the workplace.

Last but not least, everything we do is designed to deliver better business outcomes – from improved sales and higher employee engagement to achieving highly successful culture transformations.

Our approach Our approach

Our 5 step methodology is both straightforward and robust.

We start by understanding your ambition and where you are now before moving on to design and develop the development or cultural transformation programme. This way, we co-create a clear and compelling sense of purpose to engage leaders and their teams, and provide powerful frameworks, tools and techniques to build a climate in which positive change will thrive. Every TLC programme is designed to truly embed learning, which is key to delivering long term behavioural change and long term benefits.

Once signed off, we’ll work in partnership with you to deliver the programme, ensuring that everything goes to plan and to budget. We’ll then work with you to measure the return on investment of the programme – both commercial and cultural – and if required, we’ll support you over the longer term to truly embed change and maximise the benefits of your investment.

“There’s been a dramatic improvement from where we were two years ago on a number of levels, like cost, transparency, rigour, process and employee engagement. Our ROI is 1,286%”

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