Head of People Development at The Priory Group on the value of working with TLC

Stephen King, Group Head of People Development for The Priory Group, shares his positive experience of working with TLC as an L&D Partner. He explains the value we have added to The Priory as well...

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Leadership Networking event

Delegates at TLCs Leadership networking evening share the valuable insights they gained from TLCs thought leader on Diversity & Inclusion and their Leadership Survey.

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South and Vale Mastering Management

Matt Prosser, former Strategic Director at South Oxfordshire DC, talks about the cultural transformation work TLC undertook to support the coming together of two councils to deliver shared services....

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E.ON Coaching as a Managed Service

Stephen King, former Head of Global Learning for E.ON, inherited an enormously challenging situation; there were too many coaching suppliers, no consistent or robust end-to-end coaching process, and...

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Equine Assisted Learning

This video features a leadership team working with 'Shortie' - a larger horse than his name would suggest! Watch how the horse, just being a horse, starts to raise the levels of self-awareness of the...

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