“Are you still with me?”: Sustaining Engagement Remotely

Leaders have a pivotal role in creating the culture where individuals and teams feel their contribution is valued and to sustain their own and their team’s motivation, engagement and productivity during extended lockdown and remote working. In this webinar Executive Coach and Facilitator Sue Blight and Leadership Development expert Nicky Pharoah explore the latest thinking, trends and research into engagement and remote working. They look at a practical motivational framework to assess your own team’s current engagement levels and facilitate discussions. Plus, strategies for yourself and your team to sustain performance during prolonged isolation.


Is out of sight out of mind?

Right now, every employer’s top priority is to enable successful hybrid working between home and the office. Achieving this will empower workers of all ages and, crucially, secure a business’s ability to recruit and retain the very best talent. In this forum Leadership Development expert Nicky Pharoah explores the latest thinking and research into hybrid working. Attendees will learn strategies to increase connection, inclusion and belonging from both a personal and leadership perspective. With the great resignation and the great retirement, it is critical that leaders sustain and improve motivation and engagement to attract and retain staff.


Emotional Agility - How to Recognise and Prevent Burnout

Nearly two-thirds of full-time workers are dealing with burnout at some point while at work*. It takes a long time to recover from burnout and the impact it has on us emotionally, mentally and physically. In this webinar Burnout Expert John Earls and Leadership Development expert Nicky Pharoah explore what burnout is, the effect it has on individuals and leaders, what emotional agility is and how to develop this through proven strategies and tools. Plus, what actions you can take to prevent and recover from burnout.


On Demand Webinar: Leadership Conversations – how to keep connected and engaged

In this webinar behavioural psychologist, Nicky Pharoah, and Debbie Harris, a resilience expert help you understand what emotional agility is, why it is the foundation for having leadership conversations that matter and explore the 4Cs model, which will transform how you connect, engage and communicate with your people and teams.


On Demand Webinar: The Power Of Compassionate Leadership

In the current context we are all living in from a personal, professional and business perspective, it is more critical than ever, that leaders are compassionate, not only for themselves, but also for their people and teams and because it has a direct impact on business and financial performance. In this webinar behavioural psychologist, Nicky Pharoah, and Debbie Harris, a resilience expert help you understand what compassion is and what compassionate leadership is, how it impacts business culture and performance, why it is important from a leadership perspective and share strategies and techniques to help you to become a compassionate leader.


On Demand Webinar: How to Manage Your Energy and the Energy of Others

Today, perhaps more than ever before, it is essential that we manage our energy and the energy of our teams. As our homes become our workplaces, we are self-isolating and staff are furloughed, it's paramount that your people have the awareness and strategies to manage their energy from a personal wellbeing and leadership perspective. In this webinar behavioural psychologist, Nicky Pharoah, and Debbie Harris, a resilience expert help you understand why managing your energy is so important, explore the four different sources of energy and look at energy gaps and share strategies and techniques to help you balance your energy and enhance your own resilience and that of your teams.


On Demand Webinar: How to Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

The pandemic we are all navigating right now, is having a significant impact on our mental health, and many people are feeling stressed, anxious and vulnerable. So how do we get comfortable with being uncomfortable, with manging our vulnerability, anxiety and fears? In this webinar behavioural psychologist, Nicky Pharoah, and Debbie Harris, a resilience expert explain how to notice if you, or one of your people you lead, are showing signs of anxiety and stress, how to positively manage fear, anxiety, stress and overwhelm, how getting uncomfortable is an opportunity for new learning and growth and share strategies and top tips for navigating anxiety, fear, uncertainty so that you feel calmer and more in control.


On-Demand Webinar: How Agile are in Leading a Multidimensional Workplace?

50% of the UK population will be working remotely by 2020*. Think about that. Half of your workplace could be working from a location other than the office. Leaders need to adapt to managing an entire ecosystem of direct employees, global workers across different countries and time zones, remote workers, freelancers, partners, gig economy workers, and contractors.


On-Demand Webinar: Leading in the Digital Age

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us and businesses are facing the impact of a wave of digital technology. This digital disruption will change production, management, and governance in every company in every industry, with new systems, processes, organisational structures flattened, headcount reductions and AI becoming mainstream for recruitment and digital learning being used for development of staff. However, this is just part of the picture that makes leading in the digital age challenging and in this webinar Nicky Pharoah explores the four key dimensions that are shaping the leadership landscape and shares practical tips to help leaders thrive in this new era.


On-Demand Webinar: Positively Resilient Teams

In this webinar, "Positively Resilient Teams," Resilience expert Jon Harding explains how resilience is fundamental to performance and what action leaders can take to help teams to be more resilient.


On-Demand Webinar: Turning the Tide on Poor Leadership.

Poor leadership is costing the UK economy 4bn a year in lost productivity, and 44% people have left a job because of the behaviour of their boss. In this webinar, “Turning the Tide on Poor Leadership”, Leadership Development expert Nicky Pharoah explains the true cost of poor leadership and how Conscious Leadership can transform an underperforming culture to one of high performance.


On-Demand Webinar: Leadership - How unconscious are you?

Are you a "Conscious Leader" or an "Unconscious Leader"? Listen to Nicky Pharoah, MD of TLC, talk about the cost of Unconscious Leaders to the UK economy.


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