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Conscious leaders make conscious decisions and drive conscious change. This series of podcasts from TLC talks to a number of executive leaders about what makes a successful leader and asks them to reflect on their highs and lows in leadership and how that has shaped the way they lead. Focussing on six Conscious Leadership characteristics, the interviews will explore the part that Emotional Intelligence, Trust, Leadership Conversations, The Pause, Compassion and Purposeful Energy play in helping employees to thrive, and for leaders to improve team success and deliver strong business performance.

Episode 1 - Conscious Leadership Characteristics with Nicky Pharaoh

In our first episode of The Conscious Leader, Sue Stockdale talks to Managing Director of TLC, Nicky Pharoah. As an organisational development expert she works with organisations to improve business performance and is passionate about developing leaders into Conscious Leaders. She talks to us about the six essential characteristics that are fundamental to being a conscious and successful leader. The discussion addresses how these characteristics can improve engagement and motivation within teams and transform the business culture they work within, allowing them to deliver strong commercial returns and business success. 

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Episode 2 - What Makes a Great Leader with Chris Burchell

In our second episode of The Conscious Leader Podcast, Sue Stockdale talks to Managing Director of Arriva’s UK Trains Division, Chris Burchell. Chris has held a number of senior leadership roles and Non-Executive positions within the transport sector so is well placed to share his vast experience on what makes a good leader and to reflect on some of the good and bad leadership he has experienced in his career.

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Episode 3 – Leadership Conversations with Dave Newborough

In our third episode of the Conscious Leader series, Sue Stockdale talks to Dave Newborough OBE, former HR Director and board member at E.ON UK. Dave talks candidly about leading with clarity and purpose, about holding people accountable, being present and very importantly, not being scared to have courageous conversations.

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Episode 4 – The Pause with Paul Tennant

In our latest episode of the ‘Conscious Leader’ Podcast, Sue Stockdale talks to Paul Tennant, OBE, Chief Executive at The Law Society. Paul talks about some of the key characteristics he believes are important as a leader such as, resilience, empathy, empowerment, and always remaining curious. He specifically talks to Sue about the importance of pausing and reflecting and how this helps when coaching his team members.

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Episode 5 – Emotional Intelligence with Clive Steeper

Clive Steeper, a Business Mentor and Leadership and Executive Coach has worked in a variety of leadership roles within fast-paced international companies, as well as the even-faster paced world of motorsport, so is no stranger to delivering performance under pressure. In the latest episode of our Podcast series, The Conscious Leader, Clive talks to Sue Stockdale about the leadership lessons he’s gained during his career and why he thinks being courageous, learning from mistakes and having trust and belief in colleagues are key leadership attributes. Addressing one of the TLC Conscious Leader Characteristics, Clive also explores the role that Emotional Intelligence plays in achieving high performance within any organisation.

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