Resilience Top Tips

We believe that by being more resilient and helping those around you to become more resilient, you can make the workplace resilient too! Find out our Top Tips in this article written by Nicky Pharoah.


On-Demand Webinar: Turning the Tide on Poor Leadership.

Poor leadership is costing the UK economy 4bn a year in lost productivity, and 44% people have left a job because of the behaviour of their boss. In this webinar, “Turning the Tide on Poor Leadership”, Leadership Development expert Nicky Pharoah explains the true cost of poor leadership and how Conscious Leadership can transform an underperforming culture to one of high performance.

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Become a More Conscious Leader

Outstanding leaders have six key characteristics. Find out what they are and access practical tips and techniques to help develop them in the workplace.


On-Demand Webinar: Leadership - How unconscious are you?

Are you a "Conscious Leader" or an "Unconscious Leader"? Listen to Nicky Pharoah, MD of TLC, talk about the cost of Unconscious Leaders to the UK economy.

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Compassion: Can you learn compassion?

Find out how to become a compassionate leader and leverage compassion to improve employee wellbeing and drive better business results.


Compassion: Compassionate leadership in practice

"Compassionate leadership in practice" explores how organisations can create compassionate leaders and cultures.


Compassion: Empathy in Action

There's been a lot of debate recently about whether 'empathy' and 'compassion' in the workplace have a positive impact on business results.


The Power of ‘The Pause’

In this article Nicky Pharoah, MD – The Learning Curve (TLC) talks about the power of ‘The Pause’, and why we should all take time out of our frantic schedules to practise deep, focused thought.


Creating an inclusive culture - are you playing your part?

In this article, Charlotte Sweeney OBE, TLC specialist facilitator in Diversity & Inclusion, discusses the importance of diversity and inclusion in organisations and the role that each of us can play in creating an inclusive culture.


How much are you missing when it comes to conversations?

In this article, Catherine Midgley, TLC coach and facilitator discusses how by understanding your own mindset, you will be able to start developing practices and behaviours that lead to conversations that really matter.


Four transformative questions to build resilience

In this article, Catherine Midgley, TLC coach and facilitator discusses how by asking yourself four simple questions, you will be able to start developing practices and behaviours that underpin great resilience.


The Essence of Trust: why your organisation can’t afford to be without it

In this article, Jane Eames, TLC coach and facilitator, discusses why organisations need trust to succeed and how to build a culture of trust.


Emotional Self-Awareness

In this article, Nicky Pharoah, MD - The Learning Curve (TLC), talks about what Emotional Self-Awareness is, why it is important and how you can develop it.


Leadership - how unconscious are you?

In this article, Nicky Pharoah, MD - The Learning Curve (TLC), talks about the key components of Conscious Leadership and how it can help you develop outstanding leaders


Leadership Research Report

TLC have recently conducted a leadership survey about what makes Leadership Development Programmes successful and the pitfalls to avoid. Participants were senior HR/OD/L&D practioners in 54 large UK companies including BMW Group, E.ON, Essex County Council, Govia Thameslink Railway, NFU Mutual, One Housing, The Priory Group, and Saint Gobain. Read the powerful insights these organisations share about what is and what isn’t working well in implementing Leadership Development Programmes, what pitfalls to avoid, future leadership trends and concluding with recommendations.


Latest 360 Research Report

Following our in-depth 360 research with professional services firms 2 years’ ago, we commissioned a more in-depth study around the use, implementation and experience of 360-degree feedback in large UK organisations. Participants were HR, OD and L&D Directors and Managers in 49 large UK organisations collectively employing approximately 410,000 people.  Read how nearly every organisation uses 360 but in a variety of different ways.  The research indicates that although some best practices are adhered to in the running of 360, there is still room for improvement in many organisations. The report concludes with recommendations to improve organisations' experiences of 360-degree feedback.


How Coaching is Being Managed and Tracked

This research commissioned by us and carried out by market research company Adsum looks at how coaching is managed in large UK organisations. Based on interviews with 69 organisations collectively employing 688,000 people it found that the majority of organisations do not know how many are actively engaged with an external coach and almost half do not know their total spend on coaching each year.  It concludes that whilst a handful of organisations are very satisfied with how coaching is managed in their organisation, the vast majority feel there’s room for improvement, particularly around evaluation.


FREE Buyer's Checklist

Looking for a 360 supplier? Maybe you're wanting to find an alternative source of 360 platform, one that’s mobile responsive and comes from a reliable partner. Download our free checklist to capture your research on your prospective supplier's:
1: Design capability
2: IT capability
3: Reporting capability
4: Consultancy capability
5: Credibility (inc. pricing)


ROLI Booklet

The instant measurement and evaluation system to plug into your learning, development and/or coaching programme. All you need to ensure commercial and cultural evidence of the return on your investment.


Influencing Millennials

Recently, Simon Sinek’s video on Millennials, the generation born between 1980 and 2000, has been creating a buzz online. In the video, he talks about dealing with Millennials in the workplace with some astute wisdom. If you haven’t seen it yet, it will be a few minutes very well spent.

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How to create an Inclusive Leadership culture

Charlotte Sweeney OBE talks about how to create an Inclusive Leadership culture and the pitfalls to avoid.

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