Diageo nurtures staff and save costs with online feedback tools

Diageo is one of the world’s leading alcoholic drinks companies with 200 brands including Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff and Guinness. With products sold in over 180 countries they employ around 30,000 globally.

The Challenge

Create process efficiencies and cost savings by bringing employee feedback systems in-house

Diageo is resolute about the fact that all employees should ‘work for a great people manager’. In order to successfully grow people management capability and performance, a feedback process is used that enables managers to identify employee strengths and development areas. This allows Diageo to ensure that training and development interventions are targeted to real needs and allows an accurate ROI assessment. Diageo looked to bring these employee feedback systems in-house to facilitate integration with talent development programmes, including process efficiencies and cost savings.

The Approach

Three effective online tools that provide insights into employees’ progress and gauge the ROI of their talent development programme.

Diageo engaged in a partnership with TLC’s online arm, Click-360 to develop three bespoke feedback systems as part of the ‘Diageo Academy’ - the company’s global learning system dedicated to nurturing employees’ growth and development. The systems are user-friendly, effective online tools that provide insights into employee’s progress and gauge ROI from company’s talent development programme.

The first system was the ‘Capabilities 360’ which is used to collate and evaluate stakeholders’ feedback on an employee’s performance. The second was the ‘Leadership Colleague Feedback 360’ product which is used to provide insight into the progress of those employees who were participating on the twelve-month Diageo Leadership Performance Programme. The third tool to be implemented was the People Manager Feedback (PMFT) tool which provides individual and management reports based on anonymous feedback from Diageo line managers.

The three systems have been translated into 13 different languages and are used by Diageo’s 30,000 strong global workforce.


In-house system set to improve efficiency and save £180,000

Before developing and implementing the in-house system the company had used a third-party agency to provide the reports, which could cost £100 a time. Over the course of twelve months period, Diageo predicted that replacing these with the Click-360 feedback system would save them up to £180,000.

Joan Hodgins, People Manager and Talent Director at Diageo, says, ‘TLC has developed the systems to be incredibly easy to use, which means response rates are maximised. We have received lots of feedback that says the design of the sites and the style of questions are just right. This ensures employees are able to provide accurate feedback as simply as possible and gives us valuable insights for development planning.’

The Impact

  • Predicted savings of £180K
  • Improved response rates
  • Greater efficiency
  • Easy to use system that enabled maximised response rates
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