Bespoke 360 tool brings behavioural change

Sponsored by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Natural England is the government’s advisor for England’s nature and landscapes – protecting the natural environment and helping people to enjoy it. Its remit, delivered by its 2200 employees, is to provide practical advice on

The Challenge

Introduce a 360° feedback tool to allow employees to gain a greater understanding of their strengths and weaknesses

Natural England identified a need for a flexible, online, 360° feedback tool to increase individuals’ self-awareness and understanding of their own strengths and areas for development so they take more responsibility for their own learning.

The Approach

Bespoke 360° feedback tool, ‘super user’ admin training via webinar and ‘train the coach’ sessions

Following a competitive tendering process, Natural England appointed our online arm, Click-360 to design a robust 360° feedback tool tailored to its own skills framework. We designed and delivered specialised webinar training for super users and ran ‘train the coach’ sessions for their internal coaches to allow them to support colleagues in the process.

Commenting on why Click-360 was chosen, Geof Sheppard, of the Organisational Development team said, ‘It was their technology - having the opportunity to grade people over a 100-point scale was great, plus the simultaneous rating facility. We also liked the fact that they’re human and talk to us. They have looked after us so well, we have always had our needs met. We genuinely feel we’re more than customers and Click-360 cares about getting the best out of the project.’


Increased self-awareness and confidence, with improved internal meetings and relationships

Several groups of Specialists and future Team Leaders have been though the programme, and the results are very positive. Geof comments, ‘It has opened participants’ eyes to lots more of the soft skills and behaviours. It’s given them the opportunity to get their heads around what it is they need to do differently. They are improving themselves.’

Participants themselves have described the 360° as insightful, thought provoking and frank, and the coaching sessions as invaluable.

Natural England will continue to encourage more Specialists and future Team Leaders to use the tool. ‘We wanted colleagues to be more self-aware and to understand their own strengths and challenges, so they can design and implement their own development programme and the 360° is making this happen. People are more accepting of feedback and are happier to give it,’ says Geof.

Geof continues, ‘One unexpected outcome is that the 360° has helped us have a conversation in the business about our expectations of people within our People Leaders, Specialist and Advisor populations. Our intention is that everyone gets one clear message and creating the 360° has driven that.’

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