Improved leadership, communication and collaboration achieved at Linklaters

Linklaters LLP is a global law firm headquartered in London. Founded in 1838 it advises some of the world’s leading organisations, financial institutions and governments. It currently employs over 2,000 lawyers across 29 offices in 20 countries.

The Challenge

To develop employees to work in a collaborative way

An internal culture survey identified the need for a more collaborative and high performing culture in the Information and Strategic Services (ISS). In response, Linklaters decided to implement a culture change programme to develop a high-performance culture and for their employees to become collaborative team players for the collective good of the firm.

The Approach

Bespoke culture change programme with 360°feedback, 1:1 and team coaching, experiential leadership programmes, EI workshops and Action Learning Sets.

Linklaters partnered with us to develop and deliver the culture change programme. We implemented a blended learning approach encompassing 360° feedback for all members of the senior management team and all leaders, with personal development plans and follow up coaching sessions. We also facilitated Action Learning Sets, workshops covering transformational leadership, emotional intelligence, conducting performance reviews, leading and managing change and impact and influence.

David Jack, Associate Director for Linklaters ISS commented, ‘The TLC facilitators and coaches provided the right amount of stretch and challenge for Linklaters. If you’re going to change the culture, you have to understand how you’re going to change it - and they did. In the nicest way, they wouldn’t let you get away with anything if it was going to get in the way of the changes we all wanted to see.’


A repeated Cultural Survey recorded an overall improvement of 33%, including a 43% improvement in Leadership and 42% in Communication

The impact of the programme was measurable. The initial cultural survey was repeated and recorded an overall improvement of 33%, including a 43% improvement in leadership and 42% in communication.

David sums up the programme’s benefits, ‘They helped people to become aware of how their behaviour impacts others and how to work more collaboratively. This has had a direct impact on how well we work together on projects and what we deliver to the business. Before, there was no real understanding of being on the same team, wearing the same shirt. It was like the defence not being interested in the midfield. That was symptomatic of how we were working together.’

The Impact

Survey shows:

  • Overall improvement of 33%
  • 42% improvement in leadership
  • 43% improvement in communication
  • Improved project delivery through collaborative working
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