Episode 1 - Conscious Leadership Characteristics with Nicky Pharaoh

In our first episode of The Conscious Leader, Sue Stockdale talks to Managing Director of TLC, Nicky Pharoah. As an organisational development expert she works with organisations to improve business performance and is passionate about developing leaders into Conscious Leaders. She talks to us about the six essential characteristics that are fundamental to being a conscious and successful leader. The discussion addresses how these characteristics can improve engagement and motivation within teams and transform the business culture they work within, allowing them to deliver strong commercial returns and business success. 

02.45: Emotional Intelligence - The golden thread
04.35: Trust - Fundamental building block
07.30: Leadership Conversations - Having conversations that matter
09.56: The Pause - Stopping and thinking impacts our performance
12.02: Purposeful Energy - Managing our Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical energy
14.57: Compassion - Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes
16.52: Which are your top 3 characteristics?

Referenced in the discussion:

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Dr Kristin Neff: Compassion https://self-compassion.org/

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