Episode 3 – Leadership Conversations with Dave Newborough

In our third episode of the Conscious Leader series, Sue Stockdale talks to Dave Newborough OBE, former HR Director and board member at E.ON UK. Dave talks candidly about leading with clarity and purpose, about holding people accountable, being present and very importantly, not being scared to have courageous conversations.

01.29: What to you is an example of outstanding leadership?
04.34: What do you consider are the top three leadership qualities?
06.04: What would your previous teams say about you?
07.35: Have you ever experienced poor leadership and what impact did it have?
11.11: What characteristics did you take into account when building a leadership academy?
13.54: What do leaders need to focus on to have conversations that matter?
16.57: Do you have some examples of difficult conversations you have experienced?
20.30: What wise words on leadership do you have for our listeners?

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