Episode 4 – The Pause with Paul Tennant

In our latest episode of the ‘Conscious Leader’ Podcast, Sue Stockdale talks to Paul Tennant, OBE, Chief Executive at The Law Society. Paul talks about some of the key characteristics he believes are important as a leader such as, resilience, empathy, empowerment, and always remaining curious. He specifically talks to Sue about the importance of pausing and reflecting and how this helps when coaching his team members.

01.22: Tell us about the great leaders you have worked with and what made them outstanding?
03.52: How do you create a culture of openness?
06.09: How did you understand the culture you joined and put your stamp on it?
08.29: Have you had experience of poor leadership and how has that shaped your style?
10.24: What would your team say are your top 3 leadership qualities?
12.50: How does your leadership approach rub off on your members?
15.51: How do you stay at the leading edge of leadership?
17.44: What is your take on the value of pausing and reflecting?
21.55: What would you encourage our listeners to take away from this in order to be more effective?

Download our Insight ‘The Power of the Pause’ to understand how, by practising The Pause, leaders are able to direct and manage their attention and energy to maximise their impact and manage their wellbeing.

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