Episode 6 - Compassion with Stephen King

In the latest episode of our Podcast series, The Conscious Leader, Sue Stockdale talks to Stephen King, Head of Talent and Development at Maximus UK. Stephen has worked in a variety of leadership roles within the energy, retail and the healthcare sectors and his work in setting up leadership academies and working on large scale change programmes has given him much experience to share. Stephen reflects on this experience and discusses why being a compassionate leader can have a positive impact on a team.

00.59 Tell us about a time when you experienced outstanding leadership?
04.08 Have you experienced poor leadership and what was that like?
06.14 What do you think are the top three leadership qualities that you bring?
10.00 How do you balance the ability to be objective while also being involved in the task?
12.05 What is your take on leadership vulnerability and why it might be important?
14.24 How do these ideas apply when working with colleagues who are the same level as you?
17.10 How do you manage to balance what needs to be done with allowing time for reflection?
20.00 What mistake have you made as a leader?
22.22 How do you develop compassion in your leaders?
27.52 What pieces of wisdom do you have for our listeners to take away?

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