Episode 7 – Purposeful Energy with Paul Murray

In our latest episode of The Conscious Leader podcast, Paul Murray, Head of Life and Health Products at Swiss Re talks to Sue Stockdale about all things leadership. Paul has held a number of different leadership positions and reflects on these experiences, as well as how his passion for endurance running has allowed him to apply psychological resilience to these roles. Sue also discusses with Paul what the role Purposeful Energy has on a leader's style, approach and success.

01.40: What for you constitutes outstanding leadership?
02.50: Do you have some examples of how positive leadership has impacted you?
05.10: What examples of ineffective leadership do you have and what did you learn?
08.45: What characteristics are you having to hone when working with your team remotely?
10.56: What are the top three leadership strengths your team would attribute to you?
13.35: What experience from running marathons do you bring to your role?
15.53 What are your thoughts on having Purposeful Energy when leading a team?
23.40: What three pieces of wisdom have you gleaned that you would encourage our listeners to think about?
25.15 Final thoughts on personal brand.

Use our Resilience Top Tips to help manage your energy and emotional and physical wellbeing.

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