Patrizia - UK

Patrizia is an executive coach, facilitator and trainer with extensive experience of international business at Director level. She takes a dynamic approach that enables individuals, teams and organisations to develop greater self-awareness and implement change for sustainable solutions.

She is fluent in English, Italian and French and her rich background in international business, both in the UK and Europe, brings unique insights and understanding to her work.

Her approach is pragmatic and she uses a range of tools to enable her clients to build awareness, create understanding and explore and develop constructive action plans for sustainable and organisational development.

Energetic, creative and motivational, Patrizia encourages open, active discourse, offering support, challenge and guidance where needed. She is highly skilled in relationship building, is intuitive and responsive to individual needs within group situations. She has 25 years of corporate experience with a great passion and focus on developing individual and team performance to enable organisational success. She has developed and delivered a leadership programme for a specialist organisation in the financial services industry. Focusing on developing emotional intelligence, leaders acquired greater personal awareness and sense of responsibility as well as skills and strategies needed to lead individuals, teams and the organisation through change, transition and sustainable development.

Operational Experience:

  • Over 25 years of international business experience including a number of managerial roles in a range of SMEs across numerous industries including manufacturing, automotive and energy as well as the legal and financial sectors
  • Managing Director, mentor, coach and facilitator for a Sports Media company.


  • MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change - Henley Business School
  • Systemic Coaching and Constellations – LifeCoachLab  (ICF accredited)
  • Qualified practitioner for MBTI – OPP France
  • Professional Certificate in Coaching – Henley Business School
  • NLP Practitioner – ITS
  • TA 101 Certificate – Coaching Changes UK
  • Certificate in Coaching Skills – Coaching development Ltd (ICF accredited).


  • Multi-cultural team development workshops for Boards, executives, Directors and teams
  • Multi-cultural Organisational Development and consultancy
  • 1:1 coaching at executive, Director and leader level
  • In-depth assessment and design of development interventions
  • Facilitating executive and leadership development workshops and development interventions
  • International and cross-cultural change management and mergers
  • Facilitating coaching development programmes
  • Facilitation of large-scale change events
  • Mentoring
  • Facilitating 360-degree feedback implementations and co-creating Development Action Plans
  • Action Learning Sets
  • Facilitation and consecutive translation of development workshops and meetings
  • Design and implementation of change programmes.


Corporate clients: Actelion Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd, Arup Ltd., Baker Mckenzie, Council of Europe, E.ON UK, Henley Business School, International IT security provider, Infront Italy S.r.l., Infront Properties SA (Switzerland), Just Retirement, L’Aquila Importers Ltd, New Entrepreneurs Foundation, Origin, Procenter SA Qualiticom SA, Saint Gobain, South & Vale.

Individual clients from a range of organisations including BNP Parisbas, DP, EUMETSAT, Laboratoires Ceetal London Stock Exchange, Reading University, Shell, The Brain Tumor Charity.

Additional Expertise:

As a leader and manager, Patrizia brings her personal experience and in depth knowledge of corporate life and dynamics to her coaching practice. Working with clients to build a safe and respectful environment in which to explore often complex and challenging situations, she invites her clients to become curious and creative in finding their own sustainable solutions.

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