Valentina - Romania

Valentina is an internationally experienced coach, mediator and facilitator adept at coordinating large coaching projects within organisations and implementing strategy to bring about organisational change.

Having worked in the banking sector for several years she has a keen appreciation for the challenges faced in the workplace, as well as hands-on business experience. A trained psychotherapist, Valentina founded her own psychotherapy clinic and works with individuals, teams and organisations to develop self-awareness and the psychological tools necessary to bring about fundamental behavioural change. She is also trained in mediation and neuro-linguistic programming and has a proven ability to effectively relate to, and communicate with, multinational groups and communities, to facilitate productive action planning. Highly organised, Valentina is skilled in prioritising tasks and managing multi-skilled teams, taking a pragmatic approach to problem-solving and helping guide her clients to self-discovery and proactive solution finding.

Operational Experience:

  • Coaching and Development Project Manager in banking (3 years)
  • Branch Manager in retail banking (4 years)
  • Founded own psychotherapy clinic after training in Experiential Psychology – Bucharest, Romania
  • Coach, consultant, mediator and psychotherapist.


  • Coaching Diploma
  • Fully licensed Mediator
  • Nuero Linguistic Practitioner
  • Certified Psychologist
  • MA & BA degree in Psychology & Education
  • University "Spiru Haret", Brasov
  • BA in Economics, University “Oil & Gas” Ploiesti
  • Personal development advisor
  • Member of the ICF – Associated Certified Coach
  • Member of the College of Psychologists of Romania
  • Member of the Board of Mediation, Romania.


  • 1:1 executive coaching and leadership development at all organisational levels
  • Design and delivery of coaching programmes for organisations and individuals
  • Coordinating large coaching and training projects across organisations
  • Communications expert, fully licensed mediator and NLP practitioner, enabling difficult conversations and implementing communications strategy

  • Facilitating and interpreting 360 degree feedback and co-creating productive development plans
  • Design and deliver workshops for specific business requirements, such as sales effectiveness
  • Organisational Development, strategic implementation and assessment of operational effectiveness.


Banking retail headquarters Erste Bank Prahova and Ialomita, Bank agency BCR Sinaia and BCR Filipestii de Padure, Bank headquarters BCR Campina, Cora Aurelia Nattanaila – Hospital Medical Services Employee UK London, Ruxandra Apostol Call Centre Erste Group, Ileana Manta Area Retail Manager Erste Group.

Languages Spoken:

  • Romanian - native speaker
  • English - fluent.

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+44 (0)845 313 3357